Payment Terms

Welcome to Digiprosy! We’re excited to work with you. Here’s a simple breakdown of our payment terms to make everything clear and easy for you:

How to Pay

You can pay us in a way that suits you:

Bank Transfer: We’ll give you the details when you need them.
Online Payment: Use secure online options for a hassle-free experience.

When to Pay

Here’s when we expect payments:

Getting Started: We need 50% upfront before we kick off your project.
As We Go: For bigger projects, we might set milestones, and payments happen as we reach them.
Finishing Touches: The final payment is due when your project is ready to shine.

If Things Run Late

We hope payments come on time, but if they don’t, a Minimum ₹500 to 3% late fee for every 30 days overdue might apply.

Money Back?

Generally, we don’t do refunds once we’ve started work. But, if something unusual comes up, let’s talk about it. We’re reasonable.

Changing Our Minds

If we start a project and things change, we’ll bill you for the work done, and any remaining balance will be due.

Paying in INR

We deal in INR here. Keep that in mind when making payments.

Need Help?

Do you have questions about payments? please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you.